Any Academic Society or Conference can become a member of IJOCP Community and can get their conference proceedings Indexed with the Journal.

Basic Requirements for joining will be:

1. It should be a recognised society or conference as per the law of the country.

2.The Society or the Conference are willing to share the details of the abstract in required format for the Journal

3. The conference/society has a blinded peer review process for selection of articles

If you wish to apply to join the IJOCP Community and wish to publish your abstracts with us, please write to us at

About International Journal of  Conference Proceedings

JOCP is a new initiative by the Academic Research Group (ARG). We at ARG are pledged towards online preservation of every bit of knowledge in every way. Our initiatives include Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports, Journal of Medical thesis, Anaesthesia Journal, Paeiatric Journal, Journal of Orthopaedic Complications and now with Journal of Conference Proceedings we wish to Index the most neglected form of academics in orthopaedics. We belive every part of academics has a message and every quanta of learning has its value irrespective of the popular perceptions. Conference procceding are regularly published and indexed for other specialities of science specially pure scinces like Physics and also applied sciences including Information technology and also Biomechanics. JOCP is an initiative to preserve the Conference Proceedings of all International / National / Regional / Local events and thus generate a body of Literature that is much more wide and at the same time much more focussed.

How do I apply to Include proceedings of my Conference / Workshop in IJOCP for my proceedings?

The Procedure is fast and straightforward:

  • Download and complete a Proceedings Questionnaire. [Click Here]
  • Return the completed questionnaire to
  • We will review your conference details and write back to you.

We provide each conference with an individual Issue based on the quantities and requirements detailed within the Proceedings Questionnaire.

Why should I choose IJOCP Publishing?

Advantage for the Conference Organisers: This journal will act like an ONLINE ABSTRACT BOOK for the conferences which will be available permanently online. Currently every conference has its own website and once the conference is over the website goes offline and thus no details are available online for any future references. Suppose a surgeon wishes to claim that he had presented at a conference in 2010, however since the conference website is offline and no other online tool is available to back his claim, the only option will be to contact the organisers again. With IJOCP the organisers and authors both have benefit of have the online abstract book which is Indexed and readily citable

So, why should you consider approaching International Journal of Conference Proceedings?

  • Experience makes the difference: Acaemic Research Group has a long and rich history of service to the scientific community: A valuable resource of experience and expertise which would be available to you at every stage of the publication process. Our entire team is dedicated to providing an exceptional publication service.
  • We’re here to help: If it is your first proceedings project, and you need some advice, you’ll have access to the entire ORG Conference Proceedings team—just an e-mail or phone call away. We’ll do our very best to give clear, helpful suggestions and provide straightforward answers to any questions you may have.
  • An international perspective: We have worked with Academicians from all over the world and have the largest online network of professionals in our Group. At every stage of the publishing relationship our communications, documentation and guidelines strive to be clear, jargon-free, and informative.
  • Indexing and Online Impact: IJOCP is an Indexed and peer reviewed publication. Every Conference/ workshop will be alloted a separate issue number and an independent DOI (digital object Identifier). Every article will be formatted as per metadata requirements of international standard and every abstract will also have independent DOI. As mentioned above ARG has one of the largest Professional network in the world and we will distribute information about your conference through all our channels and newsletter. This will help getting all authors (and also the organisers and the Society) wide audience and will definately improve the Impact value of the conference and the organisers
  • Rapid publication: The time between submission of all articles to online publication is frequently less than 4 weeks—providing all materials submitted to us are prepared to our requirements.

What are the options for your proceedings?

International Journal of Conference Proceedings Currently offers online and print publications. The print publication can be your abstract book for the conference. IJOCP team can also format all article and send you a print ready CD well in advance which can be printed by the local printer.  Please feel free to contact us via if you want to discuss any other option you feel might be best for your conference.

Online-only publication

Our online publication is completely independent of page counts. Authors are free to write as much as they wish or as much as the editors are willing or able to review.

  • Perpetual open access: The proceedings will always be free-to-read for the international research community.
  • Selected papers: Instead of Publishing every paper in the online proceedings, editors can choose to print just a selection – typically the plenary and invited papers only.

Print Options:

IJOCP Team can provide print in two options

  • Compete print Solution: The proceedings will be printed as abstract book, which will be issue of the Journal. Thus all authors can presenting surgeons can collect the journal copy as the defalut abstract book. IJOCP will format and print the journal. Cost here will depend on the number of pages and paper quality. research community.
  • Print Ready CD: Here the IJOCP team will format all article and make a print ready CD made. This cd will be given to the organisers and they can print it from their local publisher. The costing will be of formatting and getting the CD ready.

For any further inquiry please write to us at