International Journal of Conference Proceedings

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  • Conference Organisers can now increase impact of their conference with Online Abstract Book and Indexed Publication of the abstracts
  • Authors presenting in conferences get opportunity to showcase their work online and secure their intellectual property rights

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ALL Publications in JOCP are Free of Charge. 

Authors are not required to Pay anything for Publication of their abstracts.

We have received Funding from Academic Research Group that has helped us continue publication without any Charges

Conference Organisers and Individual authors are invited to publish their abstracts with us

International Journal of Conference Proceedings 

Only about 5% of conference presentations are ever published. This may be due to time and resources constraint on part of the Authors or due a myriad of reasons. However this leads to a delay in publication of a lot of novel ideas. Also after the conference is over  record of the conference and organisers is very difficult to find. To address this we founded International Journal of Conference Proceedings, which is an indexed Journal making articles indexed and citable and creating an online abstract book of every conference published with us.

JOCP Indexed

JOCP has received ISSN number and has been indexed with major online indexes

INFOBASE Index Factor for the year 2014 – 15 – 2.2

Anniversary Offer 

We are pleased to announce that publication in IJOCP would now be completely free.  We have received Funding from our parent body Academic Research Group that has helped us continue publication of IJOCP without any support from authors.

Conference Organisers and Individual authors are invited to publish their abstracts with us. This will get the abstracts indexed with google scholar and add value to H index and i10 index. We invite all members to take advantage of this offer. Please read the journal guidelines carefully before submitting

Open Access

Journal is Open Access and allows wide circulation of the articles
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International Journal of Conference Proceedings is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Advantage to Authors: 

A lot of Authors have commented that a certain print article is describing exactly the technique that they have presented in various conferences. They however have failed to publish it in journals and thus the technique is now know by the name of the published authors. International Journal of Conference Proceedings, is an Indexed and online journal with all abstracts published here easily searchable online. Thus anyone who is writing on a subject will find the abstract on Google search and article can get citations from similar works. Its like safeguarding the Intellectual property in this era of massive and rapid dispersion of information:

Advantage for the Conference Organisers

Advantage for the Conference Organisers: This journal will act like an ONLINE ABSTRACT BOOK for the conferences which will be available permanently online. Currently every conference has its own website and once the conference is over the website goes offline and thus no details are available online for any future references. Suppose a surgeon wishes to claim that he had presented at a conference in 2010, however since the conference website is offline and no other online tool is available to back his claim, the only option will be to contact the organisers again. With IJOCP the organisers and authors both have benefit of have the online abstract book which is Indexed and readily citable

Conference already on IJOCP. North Zone Orthopaedic Association Conference 2014 [Abstracts online]. Pune Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference 2014 [Abstracts Online]. Bangalore Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference 2015 [Abstracts online]. Association of Spine Surgeons of India Annual Conference [Abstracts online]. Pune Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference 2015 [Abstracts Online] Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons Conference  [Coming soon…]. Posicon  [Coming soon]


How to Submit to International Journal of Conference Proceedings

International Journal of Conference Proceedings, will be accepting Conference abstracts of conference held from Jan 2012. Abstracts of conferences held before that are not accepted. For any query on this point please contact

For Conference Organisers

If you are interested in published your conference proceedings with us please write a mail to jocponline@gmail.comA consent letter will be send to you which will be required to be signed and returned to us. The conference proceedings will be required to be submitted in word file containing all the abstracts with details of authors and their affiliation. Please send abstracts for all free papers, special session, orations, plenary lectures, symposiums, workshops, special sessions, guest lectures and also posters. A conference presentation can also be submitted with the power point presentation and videos if available. Please send details of organising committee, specifically conference chairman/president, conference organising secretary,  scientific chairman/committee  and final brochure of the conference program. If soft copy of the abstract book is available, please send it to us along with the abstracts. Any information on awards or medals won in the conference can also be intimated and we can actually put it up on the website as Best paper award winner or gold medal winner.

For Individual Author

For individual Authors who wish to publish their abstracts in International Journal of Conference Proceedings, the first step will be to check if their conference is already listed on International Journal of Conference Proceedings, [or in the coming soon list]. If it is not listed, you can request your conference organisers to please contact us for listing of the conference. If the organisers are reluctant to do that, individual surgeons can also publish their abstracts directly with International Journal of Conference Proceedings,. For this following things are needed, word file of the abstracts with author and co-author details [names and affiliation with email id of corresponding author], certificate of presentation from the conference and if possible ppt or pdf of the presentation [not compulsory] Please send these details directly to

Important Note: Publication in this Journal will not prevent you from publishing the entire work in paper format to any other Journal. Thus you can always publish your full article in any other journal and may also quote the presentation.


Please submit you presentation with a copy of conference certificate and authors approval to

Why Publish with International Journal of Conference Proceedings

1. This will be a permanent site where conference abstracts and details of conference (organizers, society and complete program) can be found years after the conference website is closed [an online Abstract Book]

2. Abstracts published here will be indexed in online indexes and will make it easy to find authors published proceedings

3. Although the abstracts are published, it does not prevent authors from publishing the whole article in another journal

4. Powerpoint, videos etc can also be added to the conference proceedings

5. Authors whose abstract are published in IJOCP, will be given a publication certificate [on-demand only]