IJOCP | March 2015| Volume 2| Issue 1 | Page
Conference: Bangalore Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference BOSCON-2015,India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Dr. Sandeep Dixit, DrRanganath C, Dr Mohan Kumar, Dr Santoshkumar Hakkalamani

Authors Affiliations: BGS Global hospital, Bangalore

Address of correspondence: Email:dr.sandeepdixit@gmail.com


Vascular injury associated with extremity trauma occurs in <1% of patients with long bone fracture.  A retrospective review of 346 consecutive trauma patients in a year at a single tertiary level hospital was done, to know the outcome of fractures with vascular injury. We had eight patients with vascular injury along with fractures. One patient died. Two patients had amputation of the limbs.

Two patients had venous grafting. One patient had repair. One patient had venous injury had repair and one patient had stenting. Patients with crush injury, long segment arterial injury and insensate foot had amputation. Patients who were stable on arrival and had low energy injury had excellent outcome with limb salvage surgery. We
report 2.31 % of vascular injury with limb salvage rate of 75 %. Decision to save the limb depends on the stability of the patients on arrival, presence of sensation in the foot, early diagnosis especially in patients who are hypotensive and cold, availability of subspecialties and co-morbidities

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Sandeep Dixit, Ranganath C,  Mohan Kumar, Santoshkumar Hakkalamani. Vascular Injuries in Trauma Patients: Single Centre Experience. International Journal of Conference Proceedings. March 2015;(2015):9.