IJOCP | April 2014 | Volume 1 | Issue 1 | Page 2
Conference: North Zone Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference, 2014 – Amritsar, India [Click for Full details]  

 Authors: Altaf Ahmad kawoosa [1]
Authors Affiliations:[1] Post graduate department of Orthopaedics Govt Medical College Srinagar, Hospital for Bone and joint Surgery, Srinagar, India
Address of Correspondence:
Dr Altaf Ahmad Kawoosa, Hospital For Bone and Joint Surgery, Barzalla, Srinagar, J&K 190005 Email draltafk@yahoo.com 9419013229


Aim – Many Pathologies like infections, neglected fractures and dislocations render hip unstable, painful with varying degrees of limb length discrepancy. Unlike various pelvic support ostoetomies. Ilizarov technique nor only provides pelvic support , but also addresses the problems of distal realignment, limb length discrepancy and altered bio mechanics at hip.

Material & Methods: Case Reports – All six cases were male (average age 6.3 years) with definite past history suggestive of infective pathology of hips during infancy. All were treated earlier with incision drainage of abscess around affected hips. All were presented with difficulty in walking with limb shortening. Radiologically, all were Choi Type III B or Forlin Milani type 2A. After initial tibial skeletal traction for mean 2.3 weeks, Y – osteotomy of proximal femur was performed with fixation of remnant of head located in acetabulum with medial arm of this Y by K- wire with POP hip spica for 12 weeks.

Results: All except two patients achieved exact limb lengthening at a healing index of1.55months per Cm. Pre operative HHS improved from 58.47 with SD 10.90 SEM 2.80 To 82.60, 5.62 and 1.42 respectively which is spastically significant (p <.0001). Complications included 7 incidences of Gr 1 pin tract infection, one re-fracture and one case of anterior bowing of regenerate. All except one patient had improvement in gait.

Conclusion: Ilizarov technique provides an excellent salvage in these badly damaged hips by restoring stability, improving hip biomechanics and addressing Limb length discrepancy.

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Kawoosa AA. Salvage of damaged Hips with Ilizarov technique – Role of Pelvic Support and Distal Realignment Lengthening Osteotomy. I J Orthopaedic Conference Proceedings. April 2014;1(1):2.