IJOCP | Volume – 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:82
Conference: Indian Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference IOACON-2013,      India [Click for Full details]  

Authors:  Jaganathan S, Ahmed N N, Sukumaran S, Basha M M

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Address of correspondence: sivaprasad.mmc@gmail.com


Purpose: To radiologically evaluate the acetabular component placement in patients who underwent Total Hip Replacement at our Hospital and analyse the role of approach on placement.

Methods: X rays, Coronal and transverse sections on CT were taken to analyse and determine inclination and version of the acetabular cup in patients who underwent THR at our Institute. We abolished confounding factors such as patient and table malpositioning. Only the TAL was used as a guide in cup placement. We did not use any external aids to place the cup. Both the lateral and posterior approaches to the hip were employed and the inclination and version compared with the safe zone of Lewinnek.

Results: Acetabular cup placement is influenced by various factors; by eliminating as many of these as possible, it can be optimised. Approach did not seem to significantly affect cup positioning.

Conclusions: Proper intraoperative precautions and technique seem to be more important in cup placement than the choice of approach in THR.

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 Jaganathan S, Ahmed N N, Sukumaran S, Basha M M . Radiological and CT evaluation of acetabular cup placement in thr – role of approaches – Post operative analysis. International Journal of Conference Proceedings 2015;(2015):82