IJOCP | December 2016 | Volume 2016 | Issue 2016 | Page 122

Conference: Central Zone of Indian Orthopaedic Association (CEZCON) – 2016, Kota, India [Click for full details] 

Authors: Akshat Vijay, Neeraj Goswami

Authors Affiliatoins: Department of Orthopedics, Jhalawar Medical College, Jhalawar. Government District Hospital, Ganganagar, Rajasthan

Address of correspondence: Dr.Akshat Vijay, Senior Resident, Department of Orthopedics, Jhalawar Medical College, Jhalawar akshat.vijay15@gmail.com


Background: Most of proximal tibia fractures are due to high energy trauma and now a days most of them are treated by surgery. Hybrid fixators combining effects of pin external fixator with circular illizarov wire fixators provide dual advantage of rigid fixation as well as early mobilization with minimal invasion.

Material & Methods: Study included 25 cases of proximal tibia fractures. All cases except open fracture beyond grade 3b of Gustilos classification, patients <18 years and pathological fractures were included and managed with hybrid external fixators. One patient was lost in follow up and rest were followed for one year. Final evaluation was done according to Rassmussen Knee society score.

Results: Out of 24 patients, 10 (40% were type 2 Gustilos fractures) had open and 14 closed (57% had c2 type of tscherne injury) fractures.1 patient had A1 pattern, 2 A3, 7 C1 and 14 had C2 fracture pattern as per AO classification. All cases achieved union in mean duration of 15.12 weeks except one in which delayed union seen. Excellent results were seen in 19 patients, good in 2, fair in 3 and no patient had poor outcome. Six patients had pin tract infections, 4 had knee joint stiffness, 1 patient had delayed union while 1 had varus mal-union.

Conclusion: Close reduction with hybrid fixators helps in achieving reduction and good stability in comminuted proximal tibia fractures with poor bone stock as well as provides early union as it preserves blood supply to already compromised soft tissue.

Keywords:  Proximal tibia, Hybrid external fixator, Rassmussen knee score, AO classification

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Vijay A, Goswami N. A prospective analysis of outcome of osteosynthesis in proximal tibia fractures by hybrid external fixators. International Journal of Conference Proceedings December 2016;(2016):122