IJOCP | Volume 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:43
Conference: Poona Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference POSAC-2015,      India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Pallav Agrawal, Vikrant Sharma, Vishal Mandlewala,Abhijeet Shroff, MahendraGarad, Prafull Herode

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Address of correspondence: pallav2005agrawal@gmail.com


Meniscal cysts are rare, Cyst of lateral meniscus 3 times to 10 times more common than cyst of medial meniscus.Etiology of meniscal cysts includes trauma which results in contusion and haemorrage within the substance of meniscus leading to mucoid degeneration, degeneration with age which results in local necrosis and mucoid degeneration into a cyst, developmental inclusion of synovial cells within the substance of the meniscus and often are a result of extrusion of synovial fluid through a tear of the meniscus,resulting in a one-way valve effect of the tear. Arthroscopic partial menisectomy followed by cyst decompression is currently recommended for treatment of ameniscal cyst.

We present a case of 18yr old female c/o pain and swelling in rt knee had h/o trauma 3 yrs back. O/e swelling 1×2 cm on medial tibial condyle, firm in consistency fixed to bone. Mri suggests grade 3 horizontal tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus and parameniscal cyst adjacent to medial meniscus.In this report, medial parameniscal cyst was resected using an arthroscopic posterior trans-septal approach.  There have been no recurrences to date, and patient returnedto their previous level of activity.

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Agrawal P , Sharma V, Mandlewala V, Shroff A, Garad M, Herode P. Post-traumatic Medial Meniscal Cyst in young: A case report International Journal of Conference Proceedings 2015;(2015):43