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Introduction – Open repair of displaced patellar fractures is still the most widely used technique and can offer satisfactory results. However, complications associated with open treatment such as infection, delayed wound healing, broken wires, irritation, immigration of Kirschner wires, fixation failure, and revision

were reported with different frequencies.These complications were related with open approach, fixation device, or both. Displaced transverse patellar fractures are easier for anatomic reduction by closed manipulation and potential candidates for percutaneous osteosynthesis. Less invasive technique with percutaneous fixation may reduce postoperative wound complications and the possibility of delayed operation. However, there is paucity of research in this field. There were a few articles describing techniques using closed methods for patellar fractures.However, they were not often indicated for significantly displaced transverse patellar fractures or these fixation methods were not considered to be as rigid as traditional tension band methods.

Our method is to percutneous fix minimally displaced transverse fracture with Cannulated cancellous screw under guidance of C-arm.

Method– Minimally displaced transverse fractures were candidates for our procedure. Patient positioned supine of table with leg over angle frame. Closed reduction is done with help of patellar clamps . Two parallel k-wires are passed from Upper pole distally to cross the fracture site. Cannulated screw is passed over the k wires keeping knee in 30 degrees of flexion. Wound closure is done and A/k cast applied.

Post Op – Result- All patient had satisfactory union at the end of 3 months. All patient achieved full ROM. NO post – op complications noted.

 Conclusion- Percutaneous CCS fixation of patella is a viable option for minimally displaced transverse fracture of patella. This technique allows satisfactory osteosynthesis , better functional outcome and minimal complication.

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