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Conference: Bangalore Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference BOSCON-2015,India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Dr.Srimanth

Authors Affiliations: BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore

Address of correspondence:E Mail: drsrinivasch@yahoo.co.in



Diagnosis and management of Pelvic and sacral tumors is a challenge due to late presentations, inadequate adjuvant therapy, poor socioeconomic status and lack of expertise in managing these cases. Though the reconstruction options available are many, choosing the right option for the right patient is critical. These surgeries are met with high immediate and late complications. This paper is aimed at illustrating the various reconstruction options we have used along with their results.

Materials and Methods:

18 cases of pelvic and sacral tumors treated from May 2009 till November 2014 has been analyzed. These patients underwent either surgical treatment or other forms of definitive treatment. The average follow up period is 21 months. All these patients where regularly followed up with clinical and radiological examination


Out of 18 patients, 15 where malignant tumors and the remaining benign. 4 cases of Chondrosarcoma, 3 cases of Osteosarcoma, 4 cases of Ewings sarcoma, 3 cases of Giant cell tumor, 3 cases of Chordoma and 1 case of Malignant Osteoblastoma have been included. 4 cases underwent definitive non surgical treatment and the remaining where treated surgically with or without adjuvant treatment. 15 patients are alive with no evidence of disease. 3 died due to metastasis. 1 patient had local disease and she was treated with local radiation treatment. 2 patients have local infection post surgery of which infection subsided in 2. Flap necrosis was seen in 5 cases, all of which where managed which debridement and with out without flap coverage. The average MSKS score was 21/30 with fair to good results.


Though the complication rate is high with pelvic surgeries, it has helped in eliminating the disease and provided fair to good results. It is critical to customize the treatment options and to include adjuvant treatment whenever possible to give better results.

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