Authors: Dr Shreyansh Parakh

Authors Affiliations: Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University & Medical College, Sangli

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Aims & Objective – To present results of treatment of a case of  large bone cyst with pathological fracture.

Materials & Methods – A 25 years old male with fracture of left femur through cystic lesion. Through lateral approach, cyst was curetted thoroughly. Ipsilateral fibula was passed in the medullary cavity of femur, cancellous bone graft was filled around fibula in femur. Rectangular window was prepared in lateral cortex to adjust the fibular graft.The whole construct was fixed with distal femur locking plate. Attempt done to pass screws through fibula on either side of the fracture. To improve the bio-mechanical strength of the construct. Curettage material was sent for HPE which turned out to be simple bone cyst.

At follow up, whole femur consolidated well with full movements of knee and hip.

Discussion – Intra-medullary fibula helped to have good hold of screws in thin papery cortical area, improving fixation, early mobilization and early consolidation of fracture.

Result – In large cystic lesion with thin cortices, fibular augmentation will definitely improve the bio-mechanical strength, union and good functional outcome.

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Parakh S. Novel way of treatment of simple bone cyst with pathological fracture in a weight bearing bone. International Journal of Conference Proceedings. March 2015;(2015):17