IJOCP | October 2015 | Volume 2015 | Issue 2015 | Page 118

Conference: XIIIth Annual Conference and pre-conference CME of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics, GERICON 2015. Chandigarh, India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Prakash Sigedar

Authors Affiliatoins: Sigedar Accident Hospital, Jalna

Address of correspondence: psigedar@rediffmail.com



The problem of osteoporosis is more prevalent in rural India. The incidence of osteoporosis is more and management of osteoporosis in rural setup is challenging and very much different from urban India.

The management of osteoporosis (fragility) in rural India is very different job from the urban India. The terrible triad of poverty, illiteracy, and disbelieves poses lot many problems and hurdles in treating geriatric population in rural India. There are physical problems, psychological problems, social issues, economical issues and all are related with the poverty, illiteracy, disbelieves, population explosion and so on. The orthopedic surgeon at periphery has to combat so many lacunae and deficiencies and has to make many compromises while treating the patients of geriatric age group. The lack of infrastructure facilities, trained staff, and lack of basic facilities for hospitals adds more problems in treating geriatric population in rural India. The addictions and lack of hygiene and other added problems pose difficulties in treating such patients in rural India. The social and cultural issues, influence of bone setters and of other pathy doctors also poses problems in treating osteoporosis or fragility in rural India.

Based on 20 years of experience of practicing in rural India, various aspects of geriatric orthopaedic practice have elaborated in great detail. In addition, the solutions which are amicable and achievable have been stressed with special attention to  health education, public awareness,importance of insurance, public private partnership, and infrastructure development in rural India.


The study aims at high lightening the problems faced by orthopedic surgeons while treating geriatric orthopedic patients in rural set up and amicable solutions which can improve status of managing  osteoporosis and geriatric orthopedic problems in rural India. it  is  an introspective and eye opener for all concerned. In addition, the study emphasizes the need to handle the issues of poverty, illiteracy, disbelieves in rural India in more organized and effective way.

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