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Conference: Poona Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference POSAC-2015,      India [Click for Full details]  


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Introduction: Lumbar canal stenosis manifests as lower limb claudication. It is assessed based on pre formed questionnaire. Diagnosis is based on clinical assessment and imaging analysis. It is treated by transforaminal lumbar canal foraminoplasty with use of holmium yag laser under local anesthesia. The treatment involves use of laser to excise  the soft tissue and tip of sap in the foramen. Study will give results of 28 cases done over last 4 years with minimum 3 year follow up.

 Results: There was a complete relief of pain in 90% . The claudication distance improved over 4 months time by about 400%. It is found that MRI analysis of the cases is not adequate as the soft tissue hypertrophy is not well appreciated in MRI images.

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