IJOCP | Volume – 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:113
Conference: TACON  2014 The Anaesthetist Conference [Click here for details]

Authors: Dipti Mehta

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Address of correspondence: jayadip@rediffmail.com



I will be presenting my views about the general anesthesia for the laparoscopy. 

It is gold standard practice to give general anesthesia. Under G/A effects of pneumoperitoneum  such as Hypercarbia, impediment of venous return from IVC  and respiratory compromises are well taken care of.

Patient’s comfort , Surgeon’s  comfort  and  Anesthetist’s  comfort is very well achieved under G/A.

At the same time Spinal Anesthesia indications are very few one of it is poor patient. We can not think of spinal in spinal deformity, bleeding diathesis and ASA grade > 2 so very limited indications are ASA grade 1 or 2, thin pt., straight forward surgery or hurried anaesthesiologist.

Conclusion :

By all the given evidence it is proven beyond doubt that G/A is gold standard.

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