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Conference: Bangalore Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference BOSCON-2015,India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: -Kishor Kumar

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TITLE: Isolated PCL reconstruction in an intact ACL

AIM – To study Techniques, problems, feasibility & outcome of arthroscopic PCL reconstruction with an intact ACL

MATERIAL – PCL is comparatively un common injury,with either a bony avulsion or interstitial tears. Bony injuries can be fixed & hence excluded in the study. However interstitial tears pose significant problem in diagnosis & management of such injuries. In this series we have treated 16 such cases of isolated PCL injuries confirmed by MRI. All cases were operated arthroscopically after lag of more than 3 weeks from injury. Reconstruction was done with hamstring graft. All these cases ACL was intact posed problem for viewing into the postero medial compartment. Supplementary postero lateral portal was used in 8 cases. Graft fixed with endobuttton on tibia & IFS on MFC. All pt immobilized in double PCL splint for 3 weeks, allowed partial wt bearing, & then physiotherapy. Results were compiled & assessed with IKDC knee score. All pts did well post op. with good knee ROM 100 – 120 deg. No quadriceps lag in any cases.

Conclusion – PCL injuries left untreated poses significant problems, also isolated PCL injury is difficult to diagnose, reconstruction again is difficult due to poor access into the postero medial compartment due to intact ACL. Necessity to create accessory posterior portal for better viewing. Av knee flexion – 110 deg : Quadriceps  – 5/5 – no extension lag (16) : Knee translation – 0 to 5mm : X-ray  – joint space maintained , no arthritis : One leg hop  – 80 to 90% of opposite side : Complications  – mild ant knee pain (3) Follow up – 3 month to 18 months : Patient satisfaction – excellent in 90% : IKDC score – 90% good to excellent results

Arthroscopic isolated PCL reconstruction though poses significant surgical challenge yet a feasible procedure with clinically excellent knee function


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