Indian Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference IOACON- 2013

Agra, 2013, 3rd to 8th March
IOA President: Dr S K S Marya
IOA Secretary: Dr. Sudhir Kapoor
Organising Secretary: Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi

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  Table of Content

Modified bipolar hip arthroplasty for avascular necrosis of femoral head in young adults- 4 to 12 year follow-up

– Dr. Baldev Dudani, Dr. Ashok Shyam

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:63

The influence of patellofemoral degenerative changes on the outcome of the unicompartmental knee replacement 

 – Dr. Abdulkarim A, Dr. Motterlini N, Dr. Donnell T M, Dr. Neil M J

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:64

Percutaneous vertebroplasty for compression fractures in our own population: Observations recommendations and a outcome grading system 

 – Dr Karmakar A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:65

Fracture distal humerus: Prevention of complications 

– Dr. Pawan Kumar , Dr. Ashok Shyam

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:66

Should we cross the cross-links (transverse-connectors)?

– Dr. Kulkarni A, Dr. Dhruv A, Dr. Bassi A,

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:67

Efficacy of antibiotic impregnated allogenic bone graft in osteoarticular reconstruction

– Dr. Lakhwani O P

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:68

High Tibial Osteotomy: A study of 100 cases

– Dr. Agarwal A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:69

Role of NMR spectroscopy in recurrent and aggressive GCT

– Dr. Dev C, Dr. Rastogi S, Dr. Jagannathan N R, Dr. Gamanagatt S, Dr. Safaya R

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:70

Osteosarcoma: Where do we stand? A 10 year follow up of 110 cases

– Dr.Sivasankar P, Dr. Sugath K C, .Dr. Geothe J

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:71

Can we predict diaphyseal fracture healing outcome early? Evaluation of serum alkaline phosphatase as a biomarker of healing process progression

– Dr. Singh A, Dr. Srivastava R N

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:72

Study of microbiological flora in open fractures

– Dr. Golwara B, Dr. Rajasekaran S, Dr. Dheenadhayalan J

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:73

Short-term evaluation of results of trochanteric femoral nailing (TFN) “in comminuted unstable trochanteric hip fractures”

– Dr. Mandal S, Dr. Kundu S, Dr. Shyam A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:74

Radiographic analysis of the sacropelvic parameters and sagittal alignment of the spine in asymptomatic subjects in Indian population

– Dr. Ganesan S, Dr.Acharya S

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:75

Role of arthrography of elbow in the management of lateral condyle fracture of humerus in children

– Dr.Dudani B, Dr. Shyam A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:76

Bio-chemical markers (serum lactate and interleukin-6) in open injuries. Can they predict timing of reconstruction?

– Dr.Prumal R, Dr. Arun K

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:77

Management of tibial plateau fractures schatzker type v and vi with compromised soft tissue with minimal internal and external fixation

– Dr. Patil Y

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:78

Arthroscopic excision of pigmented villonodular synovitis- Results of 40 cases with average 7 years follow up

– Dr. Jain J K, Dr. Vidyasagar J V S

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:79

Outcome analysis of unicondylar fracture of distal femur fixation with calcaneal plat

– Dr. Meena A, Dr. Verma R K, Dr. Joshi N, Dr. Yadav S K, Dr. Gaur K L

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:80

Genetic susceptibility of lumbar degenerative disc disease in young adults (<40 years) analysis of 58 single nucleotide polymorphisms in 580 individuals based on total degenerative disc score

– Dr. Kanna R, Dr. Senthil R M

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:81

Radiological and CT evaluation of acetabular cup placement in thr – role of approaches – Post operative analysis

– Dr. Jaganathan S, Dr. Ahmed N N,  Dr. Sukumaran S, Dr. Basha M M

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:82

Tibial hemimelia and its complex presentation-a case series

– Dr. Natarajan N, Dr. Pasupathy A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:83

Epidural corticosteroid injection for radicular back pain: An unanswered question

– Dr. Kumar S, Dr. Jamil J, Dr. Sajid I

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:84

Type III acromioclavicular joint dislocations- Is combined intra-articular K-wire and coracoclavicular screw fixation better than non-operative management?

– Dr. Chachan S, Dr. Tudu B, Dr. Sahu B

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:85

Radiological and functional outcome of allografts in orthopaedics

– Dr. Natesan R,  Dr. Devendra A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:86

Functional and radiological outcome of schatzker type V & VI tibial plateau fractures treated with dual plating

– Dr. Vetrichelvan, Dr. Devendra A, Dr. Dheenadhayalan J, Dr. Rajasekaran S

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:87

Outcome analysis of displaced intraarticular calcaneal fractures: A case series

– Dr. Ponnusamy S, Dr. Rajasekar M R

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:88

To define safe corridors for K wiring in phalanx fractures to achieve good functional outcome

– Dr. Mohammed J R, Dr. Chandrabose R

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:89

Morphometric analysis of the lateral masses of the sub-axial cervical spine in the indian population and its correlation with lateral mass screw placement

– Dr. Bosco A, Dr. Uvaraj N

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:90

Fibrous dysplasia of calcaneum: A case report

– Dr. Sapra R, Dr. Railkar M, Dr. Kaushik D, Dr. Ratan B, Dayma

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:91

Hamstring harvest for ACL reconstruction: Is there a disadvantage?

– Dr. Gupta G, Dr. Engstrom B, Dr. Kaushik D, Dr. Ratan B, Dr. Dayma

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:92

Arthoplasty in persons with haemophilia in Indian scenario

– Dr. Nandan D, Dr. Dash K K, Dr. Rao N

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:93

Validation of transepicondylar axis as an accurate measure for femoral component rotation in total knee arthroplasty

– Dr. Gupta S, Dr. Kumar A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:94

Is prone position ideal for manipulation & pinning of displaced pediatric supracondylar fractures of humerus? A randomized control trial

– Dr. Saravanamurthy G, Dr. Venkatadass, Dr. Rajasekaran S

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:95

Radiological correlation to the functional outcome in 3 and 4 part proximal humerus fracture managed with indirect reduction & fixation with plate and screws

– Dr. Dheenadhayalan J, Dr. Agraharam D

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:96

Patellar instability – Arthroscopy assisted double bundled MPFL reconstruction using looped semitendinosus autograft. Is there an advantage? A prospective study of 25 cases

– Dr. Sundararajan S R, Dr. Rajasekaran S

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:97

Single stage reconstruction of bone defects of long bones with gamma irradiated structural allografts

– Dr. Agraharam D, Dr. Palanisamy D R, Dr. Shanmuganathan R

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:98

Comparative study of functional outcome of supracondylar fractures of dital femur treated by indian and foreign distal femoral locking plates

– Dr. Harsha, Dr. Dheenadhayalan J, Dr. Rjasekaran S

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:99

Reliability of mobile device goniometer “Goniometer Records®” in measuring lumbar flexion range of motion

– Dr. Shyam A S, Dr. Suryavanshi M, Dr. Bedekar M, Dr. Sancheti P, Dr. Dhariwal Q

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:100

Predicting short-term outcome of metal-on-metal hip resurfacing

– Dr. Goyal A, Dr. Geller J

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:101

Fragility fracture assesment using calcaneal texture analysis

– Dr. Basha R, Dr. Shanmughanathan R, Dr. Yerramshetty J

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:102

Ulnar lengthening osteotomy in the treatment of kienbock disease: A prospective case series

–  Dr. Maity B, Dr. Mishra A K, Dr. Nayak A K, Dr. Nazim M, Dr. Agrawal V

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:103

A new technique for closed reduction of posterior dislocations of the hip

– Dr. Sharma S, Dr. Kumar V, Dr. Dhillon M

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:104

Diffusion tensor imaging observation in potts spine with/without neurological deficit

– Dr. ABBAS S S, Dr. Jain A K, Dr. Saini N S, Dr. Kumar S, Dr. Iyer M

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:105

Comparison of stainless steel and titanium elastic nails in treatment of paediatric femoral shaft fractures – A randomized controlled trial

– Dr. Goyal N, Dr. Agarwal A, Dr. Mishra P, Dr. Jain A

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:106

Femoral head fractures revisited (analysis of management options approaches and functional outcome)

– Dr. Chinnaswamii K, Dr. Dhanasekararaja,  Dr. Sundararajan, Dr. Rajasekaran S

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:107

Correlation of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase level with clinico-radiological signs of fracture healing in tibial shaft fractures

– Dr. Bansal S, Dr. Kumar S,  Dr. Jain

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:108

A randomized control trial comparing outcomes of proximal femoral nail and reverse distal femoral locking compression plate in management of intertrochanteric fractures with compromised lateral wall

– Dr. Manhas V, Dr. Manhas R, Dr. Ul- haq A, Dr. Kumar P I, Dr. Dhammi

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:109

Fibula bone grafting in infected gap non union: A prospective case series

– Dr.Bansal S, Dr. Kumar S, Dr. Jain

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:110

Treatment of pink pulseless hand after supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children using glucocorticosteroids and plaster slab

– Dr. Khare G N

[Abstract] Article ID: 2015:111