IJOCP | Volume – 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:48
Conference: Poona Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference POSAC-2015,      India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Sarvesh Boche, Abhijeet Wahegaonkar, Vijay Kamble

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Pain in the retrocalcaneal space can be incapacitating and may have different etiology such as paratendonitis, insertional tendinitis of the Achilles tendon, apophysitis calcanei, bursitis and a ‘Haglund’ exostosis. After unsuccessful conservative treatment, surgical procedures are advised by many authors. The open procedure for bursectomy and resection of the calcaneal exostosis is well described in the literature. The clinical studies show a high rate of poor results with a relative high incidence of complications. The minimal invasive endoscopic calcaneoplasty could reduce these problems. The purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate the efficacy of endoscopic calcaneoplasty procedure to address retrocalcaneal pain caused by retrocalcaneal bursitis, a Haglund spur, and impingement.

Material & Methods:

The results of our first 9 patients with a mean age of 55.6 years (45-67 y) who underwent an endoscopic calcaneoplasty are promising. All patients had conservative treatment for at least 6 months prior to surgery and the radiological examination showed a calcaneal exostosis in all cases. The average follow-up was 5.8 months (3-9 months). Patients were evaluated preoperatively and postoperatively with the Ogilvie-Harris-Score.


6 patients had excellent results, 2 good & one fair.  The post-operative radiographs showed sufficient resection of the calcaneal spur in all patients. Neither intraoperative nor postoperative complications were observed.


Endoscopic calcaneoplasty is an effective and minimally-invasive procedure for patients with calcaneal exostosis. After a short learning curve the endoscopic exposure is superior to the open technique and the pathology can better be differentiated.

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