IJOCP | Volume 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:45
Conference: Poona Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference POSAC-2015,      India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Navin Gagal, Sanjay Patil, AmitMahajan

Authors Affiliations: Bharati Hospital & Research Center, Pune.

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Background:Lateral Epicondylitis is a common manifestation also known as Tennis elbow. Various modes of treatments (NSAIDS, steroid injection, bracing, acupuncture, laser therapy, radiotherapy) are available. Studies have suggested the use of PRP(platelet rich plasma) as a safe and effective therapy for tennis elbow.The Purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy of PRP versusCorticosteroid injection in patients with chronic Lateral Epicondylitis.

Material and methods:The study was a prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial in 70 cases with chronic Lateral Epicondylitis.Present study was conducted from August 2012 till July 2014.Mean age of patients was 40 years. Right side was most commonly involved in both groups. 35 patients received PRP injection and 35 patients received steroid injection. PRP was prepared from autologous venous whole blood on OPD basis. After receiving local anaesthesia, patients had their extensor tendon needled with either PRP or steroid injection.All patients had at least 3 months of symptoms and failed conventional therapy (Bracing, medicine) all patients were followed for a period of 2 years. An analysis of result with regards to pain (VAS score) and daily activity was made in 35 patients with PRP and 35 with steroid injection.

Results: The PRP group was more often successfully treated than the steroid group. Success was defined as reduction of pain(25% on VAS) without re-intervention after a follow up of 1year. 30 out of 35 patients (85.71%) in PRP group and 23 out of 35 (65.71%) in steroid group were successful which was significantly different. The corticosteroid group was better initially and then declined, whereas the PRP group progressively improved. There were no complications related to use of PRP.

Conclusion: Treatment of patients with chronic Lateral Epicondylitis with PRP reduces pain and significantly increases function, exceeding the effect of corticosteroid injection even after a follow up of 2 years. Local injection of autologous PRP proved to be a promising form of therapy for Tennis Elbow. It is both safe and effective in relieving pain and improving function and superior to local steroid.

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