IJOCP | Volume 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:44
Conference: Poona Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference POSAC-2015,      India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Kavaljitsinh Parmar, Ajit Swamy , Mukesh Phalak, Prashant Gholap, Kartikeya Sharma

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Address of correspondence: kaval.parmar08@gmail.com


Osteoid osteoma is a benign tumor of the growing skeleton. It presents with pain, which is usually worse at night. The radiographic features consist of a central oval or round nidus surrounded first by a radiolucent area followed by another area of sclerotic bone. The metatarsals are one of the least common sites for osteoid osteoma.

We present a case of an osteoid osteoma of the right metatarsal bone in a 23-year-old male who came to us with history of severe pain in the foot since 1 and 1/2  years and was previously misdiagnosed, treated and operated  for chronic osteomyelitis 5 months back but had no relief in symptoms .  The clinical and radiographic findings along with the surgical management are presented. The pain disappeared immediately after the surgery. At the 6 month follow-up, the patient was pain-free and there is no evidence of recurrence.


Surgeons should be aware of the unusual presence and the atypical clinical presentation of this benign lesion in the metatarsal bones.

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 Parmar K, Swamy A ,Phalak M, Gholap P, Sharma K. Case report of a rare case of Right Second Metatarsal Osteiod Osteoma previously misdiagnosed as Chronic Osteomyelitis . International Journal of Conference Proceedings 2015;(2015):44