IJOCP | Volume – 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:77
Conference: Indian Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference IOACON-2013,      India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Prumal R, Arun K 

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Address of correspondence: orthoram@gmail.com


Introduction: The understanding of the altered physiology in trauma patients increasing, and it involves various metabolic parameters and immune responses which predicts the outcome in the early phase of trauma. Metabolic parameters such as lactate and interleukin-6 (IL-6) are minimally invasive measures of systemic oxygen transport, tissue perfusion and host immune seems to be valuable. The role of these biochemical markers is clearly proven in polytrauma but its role in major open injuries has not been studied so far.

Materials and Methods: A total number of 98 patients with open injuries of lower limbs were admitted in our hospital in the year of 2012 were included in the study . Among them 81 were males and 16 were female with an average age of 42 (14-81) and among these femur fractures were 13, ipsilateral femur & tibia 9, tibial fractures 71 and 4 were polytrauma. All patients blood samples were collected during admission and serial estimation done at 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours. The treatment pathway is planned and executed as per the Ganga  Hospital Open Injury Score (GHOIS) guidelines.

Results: In group I & II patients showed elevated serum lactate & IL-6 levels during admission and returned to normal within 24 hours. And in group III of patients showed elevated serum lactate & IL-6 levels during admission and returned to normal within 48 hours.In group IV of patients showed elevated serum lactate &  IL-6 levels during admission and required more than 48 hours to return to baseline value.

Conclusion: Based on our study it was found that there is a proportionate increase in both serum lactate and IL-6 even in isolated injuries of limbs when the severity was measured by the Ganga Hospital Score and these markers can be used as a tool in reconstruction.

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