IJOCP | April 2014 | Volume 1 | Issue 2 | Page 15
Conference:  Poona Orthopaedic Society Annual Conference POSAC-2014, India [Click for Full details]  

Authors: Shivan Marya, Parag Sancheti, Atul Patil,  Ashok Shyam


Introduction: Motion loss of the knee can result from a variety of causes and poses a difficult clinical problem. We intended to study functional outcome of intrarticular knee stiffness due to various etiology treated with arthroscopic arthrofibrolysis and patient satisfaction and quality of life with IKDC and Oxford knee score.

Material and Method: Fifty five cases were screened with stiff knee from June 2011 to December 2012.We included 25 cases which were intrarticular stiff knees. Inclusion criteria were intrarticular knee stiffness due to post traumatic etiology, good patellofemoral mobility and good skin condition of knee joint. We excluded extrarticular causes of knee stiffness, and active infection of knee. All patient under went arthroscopic adhesiolysis. Preoperative range of movement, IKDC score and Oxford knee score was compared with 1 year follow up score. During post operative period supervised physiotherapy was carried out and CPM (Continuous passive motion) was applied to all patients. In patient having stretchable flexion deformity, we used push knee extension splint at night.

Result: Preoperatively mean flexion deformity was 2.2° SD±5.01° (range 0-20°) degrees and further flexion was 35.8° SD ±15.52 (range 10-80°). Post operatively mean flexion deformity was 0.6° SD ± 1.65 (range 0-5°) and further flexion was 121° SD ± 8.29 (range 100°-140°) Gain in flexion was 85.2°±18.72° (40°-120°)and flexion deformity reduced by 1.5°.Mean IKDC score 37.38 SD ±- 8.07 (range 26.43-55.17)  and oxford knee score  was 29.04 SD ± 6.85 (range 14-39). Post 1 year mean IKDC Score was 75.20 SD ± 11.08 (range 54-88.5) and mean oxford knee score was 41SD ± 2.41 (range 37-46).

Conclusion: Good functional outcome can be achieved with arthroscopic adhesiolysis for intrarticular causes of stiff knee. High patient satisfaction and good quality of life was achieved as seen with IKDC and Oxford knee scores. It can be combined with manipulation under anaesthesia and percutaneous quadriceps release for better functional outcome.

Keywords: Arthroscopy, Adhesiolysis, stiff knee, Arthrofibrosis

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