IJOCP | Volume – 2015| Issue – 2015| Article ID – 2015:79
Conference: Indian Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference IOACON-2013,      India [Click for Full details]  

Authors:  Jain J K, Vidyasagar J V S 

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Address of correspondence: dr.jiteshajmera@yahoo.com


We retrospectively assessed the results of arthroscopic excision of PVNS done in 40 patients from 1987 to 2012 by senior author. No radiotherapy was given to any patient. All patients were followed for a mean follow up of 7 years. At follow up functional assessment was done using Lysholm score. Recurrence free survival and recurrence free survival probability were calculated. No recurrence was noted in localized variety.

In diffuse variety 5 years recurrence free survival probability was 57%. 12 patients developed recurrences between 3 months to 2 years. No recurrence was noted after 2 years. Mean recurrence interval was 6.25 months. we concluded from this series that arthroscopic excision is effective treatment for localized as well as diffuse PVNS. Recurrences can also be successfully dealt with arthroscopic excision with excellent functional outcome.

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Jain J K, Vidyasagar J V S . Arthroscopic excision of pigmented villonodular synovitis- Results of 40 cases with average 7 years follow up . International Journal of Conference Proceedings 2015;(2015):79